Festive season still ain’t over, and there’s loads to share!

Last week we decided to celebrate Chinese New Year by sending crypto-ang pows to our fans as well as pushing for people to get to know another medium of value that exists exclusively digital; cryptocurrencies.

This time with the festive season extending to Thaipusam celebration, we’re offering you a glimpse of the future shaped by a sharing economy hand-in-hand with tradition and communal spirit. Malaysia being a cultural melting pot, the festive season is also a time where friends and families get together. Communities of all races and creed shows a strength of an economy built by the virtues of collaboration and collective abundance.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight how importance of sharing and giving as part of what makes us human. In this day and age, we sometime do not realise how technologies can empower us to do good and to spread wealth in the purest form of peer-to-peer.



Transfer value online, all without a bank.

“An ether holds real monetary value.” If you’ve never dealt with cryptocurrencies, this is the time because we’re giving out 2 classic ethers (ETCs) out as ang pow this Chinese New Year.

We at Ata Plus are big supporters of a truly peer-to-peer technology, on which we believe is the essence of crowdfunding. That’s why this Chinese New Year, we are introducing yet another fun way for truly sharing and receiving ang pow online, all without an intermediary. We’d like you to try out how accessible and simple it is to send and receive something of value online; you can do so even by leaving the banks out of the equation !

Own your wallet online and get your crypto ang paw

A little crashcourse on cryptowallet; when you want to send and receive let say ethers (since that’s what we’re giving out), you’ll have to have a ‘cryptowallet’. Yes, its just another fancy name for a wallet – the same thing you use to keep your paper money but with a sophisticated underlying technology – cryptography and distributed ledger. But we’ll leave this heavy subject for another discussion..

But here’s a few things you need to know to start dealing with cryptowallets.

Public Key : Treat this like your bank account number. It is generated together with your private key and therefore linked directly to you. You can share your public key just like you share your bank account number to someone you want to send or receive ethers from.

Private key : This is your password to access the wallet as well as allowing transfers of ethers to happen. You need to keep this in a safe and secure location. In ClassicEtherwallet, your private key will be a combination of the password you use to generate the wallet + JSON file (a file that consists a longer and cryptographically hashed version of your password).
That’s about it, once you know the importance of these 2 keys and it’s functions, its time to get your hands dirty and try receiving (yes, didn’t we say we’re giving out 2 ETCs for free ?) and sending (hey, this CNY is all about giving, so why don’t you give a bit of your ether to your family and friends and show how cool this thing works !).

So How do I get them ethers?

The first thing you need is a classic ether address generated from a crypto-wallet. There are multiple ways of getting your wallet set up.

EASIEST – Jaxx.io (mobile device)


The quickest and the most easiest way to get a crypto-wallet is to download Jaxx, a multi-platform wallet (supporting other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Zcash etc). You can download it to your mobile device via apple store or google play.

Voila! The wallet is installed to your mobile device and ready to be used! But before we can send you some Ether Classic, you will need to activate your wallet for Ether Classic as the following step :

And that’s that! You can now claim 2 ETCs during our Chinese New Year campaign by signing up and completing the ‘Crypto Ang Pow’ field with your ETC address.

EASIER – ClassicEtherWallet (Desktop)

For a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands dirty with a browser-based wallet (greater control and security) you can choose ClassicEtherWallet and follow the following steps :

  1. At ClassicEtherWallet page, Go to “Generate Wallet” tab.
  2. Create a strong password.
  3. Click on ‘GENERATE’.
  4. Verify wallet by :
    1. Save a version of the private key. Keystore/JSON file type of private key is recommended for maximum security.
    2. Download the JSON file and place this file in a folder. You can also download and save the PDF version of your paper wallet (info on your wallet set up)
  5. You will NEED the both versions of the private keys; your password and the JSON file to access the wallet and do anything with it.
  6. You can now :
    1. View Wallet info : View your account balance, your ETC address and regenerate new private keys
    2. Receive ETC : Send/Share your Address (public key) with anyone you want to receive ETC from.

Now that you’re all set up, you can claim 2 ETC from Ata Plus by inserting your ETC address (public key) on the sign up form, or from your ‘edit profile’ tab under your Ata Plus profile.

We’ll send you the confirmation once the transfer has been made.

Pssst… if you keep your ETC; we might have things for you redeem for in the future. So just keep an eye on us, and what we’re doing in this space!


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