Woof in the New Year

It’s that time of year again where fireworks, lion dances and endless nights of laughter come together to brighten up this Chinese New Year. During this festive season, the phrase ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ is definitely one that many Malaysians are acquainted with. In mandarin ‘Gong Xi’ means congratulations and ‘Fa Cai’ means more wealth. Essentially when you wish someone ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ you’re congratulating them a prosperous wealth in the coming year.

Based on the lunar calendar, February marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog, which is the eleventh sign in the chinese zodiac. Dogs are independent, sincere, loyal and decisive, who aren’t afraid of difficulties in life. Entrepreneurs are similar to the zodiac sign dog as they are both independent and fearless.


We, at Ata Plus, are always in support of increasing wealth through the success of  entrepreneurs, as they are one of the key drivers of economic growth.  The Government’s positioning of Malaysia as the startup hub in ASEAN,  supported by  MDEC, MaGic, Cradle and the like, has ignited in the soaring interest of entrepreneurship, leading edge innovation, and groundbreaking business models.g We can all look forward to 2018 as a year that prospers independent and fearless entrepreneurs who will be a significant contributor to the nation’s economic growth.


Ata Plus has always been a firm believer of peer-to-peer sharing as it enables wealth to be more widely distributed. Much like ‘Kongsi’, a chinese term meaning company, is a system commonly used by Cantonese diaspora to overcome economic difficulties, social ostracism and oppression. The key fundamental of kongsi is about business partnership, cooperation and mutual welfare. Similar to the sharing economy, it enables collaboration between economic and social activities. This collaboration enables transparency in both areas to ensure the wellbeing of the ecosystem.

Traditionally, red envelopes or as we’d like to call them ‘Ang Pow’ are stuffed with “lucky money” and are given to children and the occasional single adults. However, in this current digital age, many banks and organizations have launched red envelope apps which allow people to exchange digital ‘Ang Pows’ during this festive season.

In the spirit of giving

There’s no better time to get accustomed to the friendly crypto dog! In the spirit of giving, we would like to take this opportunity to test our readers on their knowledge of Dogecoins. We would like to give away 388 Dogecoins to our lucky readers who can answer 5 questions correctly on crypto currencies. Join the fun by clicking here.


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