New Dawn

As flags that once littered the public space are slowly being cleared out, a gleeful old Mak Cik extends wishes of “Happy New Malaysia” to her neighbour invoking the emotion of a country that has just achieved its independence. We don’t believe that’s an overstatement. It is as if a nation could experience a coming… Read More New Dawn

Ready Player One

Nurturing eSports in Malaysia with KITAMEN There’s nothing quite as thrilling as competition. Whether you are watching or participating, the adrenaline rush that comes from sheer skill and peerless execution is unrivalled, be it football, sprinting, or competitive gaming. You read that right – eSports are as edge-of-your-seat gripping as traditional, physical sports; and the… Read More Ready Player One

Technological strides revolutionise the footwear industry

Shoes have always been that special charm to the avid fashionista, men and women alike. There is little that can’t be cured by a pair of well-fitting moccasins, a freshly-polished pair of dress shoes, or sensuous red-backed stilettoes. Starting out as utilitarian bits of canvas and rubber, shoes have evolved into a definitive way of… Read More Technological strides revolutionise the footwear industry